How to achieve the most effective Bumper & Trim Car Repair look


It is always essential to ensure your car repair is finished correctly the first time, so that it looks as good as possible. Through using plastic repair it can sometimes be difficult to get the correct colour and finish on trims and bumpers. The OEM look of the plastics needs to be matched as closely as possible to provide the invisible repair look that is needed. The Bodyline Bumper & Trim range was designed to help this process.

Consisting of 7 colours: Light Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey, Smoke Grey, Black, Traffic Black & Slate Black, this range allows for excellent colour matching of the latest OEM Bumper colours. When repairing a bumper or trim you need to have a durable colour that will dry fast and be easy to blend so that you are able to achieve an excellent hard finish exterior. The Bodyline Bumper & Trim coatings have these qualities and they adhere to most plastics.

To achieve the exact texture that is required for the repair process can be quite difficult, but the best method is to use the Bodyline Textured Aerosol, as this has specifically been designed to help achieve variable textured finishes. This is also available with 2 different nozzles; a white one which allows a coarse texture to be achieved and a black nozzle which allows a finer texture. Make sure to look out for aerosols that allow you to adjust the aerosol by moving the lever on the back of the nozzle, as this will enable you to have an even application even on larger surfaces. 

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