New BODYLINE® Ultimate compound range offers premium polish solution


A brand new and highly impressive range of Polish compounds from Bodyline are now available!

The latest products added to the successful Bodyline drygoods portfolio deliver a marketing leading polishing system. Designed to provide an effective fast, and easy to use polishing process to remove scratches and sanding marks on vehicles, they also create minimal throw off whilst leaving a premium high gloss finish.

Bodyline Ultimate Cut Compound

Created with efficiency in mind, the new Bodyline Ultimate Cut Compound comes with its own unique and pleasant berry scent and a distinctive purple colour.

With extreme cutting capabilities, it is ideal for removing coarse sanding scratches to produce a high gloss finish. New technology within the compound, which is created by the micro particles diminishing throughout the polishing process, assists with a premium result.

Early feedback from users has been exceptional, with comments including; “The new Bodyline polishing product is superb - I love it, excellent on blacks, minimal swirl marks, produces a high gloss finish which does not wash off after application. I will be buying this product again. Love it!”

Available in 1KG bottles, the Bodyline Ultimate Cut Compound presents overall product and process time savings, guaranteed to leave users impressed!

Bodyline Ultimate Finish Compound

To complement the new Bodyline Ultimate Cut Compound, a brand new Bodyline Ultimate Finish Compound is also now available. Ideal for use on dark coloured vehicles or when an extreme gloss is required, this product removes holograms and swirl marks. This quick and easy to use compound produces a high gloss and enhances colour, whilst helping to remove blemishes.

Bodyline Compound Foam Pad and Finishing Foam Pad

A new Compound Foam Pad and a Finishing Foam Pad have also been introduced as part of the Bodyline Polishing System; these soft pads help produce a superb gloss finish and high end results.  These new pads join the recently launched purple Microfibre Cloth, exclusive to Bodyline.  Used dry, the microfibre cloth effectively cleans and shines, capturing dust and dirt particles without transferring them to other surfaces. Used damp the microfibre cloth quickly removes any trace of grease and grime.

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