The Count Down to Colour


Counting down from 10 to 1, these best practices are key for colour accuracy and bodyshop efficiency.

10. Track repair orders/jobs

Add, edit and manage all repair information. This will help to track jobs and offer your customers information about the vehicle.

Record as much information about the colour that is available.

9. Interface key systems

Link your PAINTMANAGER® software with your Body Management System. This will eliminate added key strokes and improve the efficiency in job scheduling.

8. Locate the correct Motor Manufacturer code

PPG provides information on where to find the OE code on the vehicle.

7. Identify the colour variant early

Always polish an area close to the repair site to get the cleanest view of colour needed.

If available use a RAPIDMATCH™ spectrophotometer for speed and accuracy.

Take advantage of the 1000’s of colour formulations and variations available in the PaintManager software database.

Ensure accurate variant identification by using the sprayed variant tools.

6. Use the suggested greyscale

PaintManager software recommends the undercoat grey shade for every formulation, ensure you use the correct one.

Make sure to take advantage of the spectral grey spray-out cards.

Align the primer and colour to get the best colour match results.

5. Mix what you need and mix what you need, right.

Mix levels with minimum mix warning in PaintManager software.

When using PaintManager, use the software visual pour screen with tolerance bars.

If an over-pour occurs, use the re-calculate feature.

Make use of the paint accuracy reports and provide training opportunities to staff, where required.

4. Mix everything over the scale

By mixing everything over the scale you can improve job efficiency by minimising waste product.

3. Internet

Rely on monthly updates for the most recent formulations and program enhancements.

2. Stay current

Ensure that all colour tools have been updated:

Colour Variant systems (chip updates are in place).

PaintManager software updates are installed, if not automatically updated via the internet.

COLORMOBILE® software is up to date for colour information on the go.

1. Measure and manage performance

Make sure to take advantage of over 40 business management reports accessible via the PaintManager report viewer:

Manage labour hours, as well as paint and materials information.

Easy access to key financial and operations performance indicators.

Understand what colours are being mixed for re-stocking information.

Highlight staff training needs and manage waste to improve efficiency.

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