Powder Coating Clearcoat



Powder Coating Clearcoat

Features & Benefits

  • Cost-effective, high-performance powder coatings for decorative and functional applications.
  • Powder coatings are an environmentally friendly coating solution offering superior performance for applications which require maximum abrasion resistance and hardness.
  • Automobiles, major appliances, tool boxes, motorcycle frames, heavy duty equipment, computer chassis, office furniture, car parts and barbeques all benefit from the unique properties and cost efficiency of powder coatings.
  • Our outstanding range of powder coating technologies provide answers to just about any application challenge.
  • All of our powder coating formulas are economical and backed by unmatched experience, technology and technical service.
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New BODYLINE® Ultimate compound range offers premium polish solution

Designed to provide an effective fast, and easy to use polishing process to remove scratches and sanding marks on vehicles, they also create minimal throw off whilst leaving a premium high gloss finish.

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