Dry Goods Cost Management

Dry Goods Cost Management

With the growing importance of stock and cost control within Bodyshops, Brown Brothers Distribution offers a control and measure system to aid this.
Allocator is an IT stock management programme, which tracks and measures the usage of ancillaries throughout the repair process. Allocator delivers a suit of reports detailing the cost and profit generated by the sale of these items.

How does it work?

Brown Brothers Distribution works with the Bodyshop to jointly agree optimal minimum and maximum stock levels to build a stock profile for use in Allocator. As each item is used it is scanned, using a barcode reader, to book stock to a job number, technician or department to ensure that every item used in a repair is accounted for and can be charged accordingly therefore eliminating waste and increasing efficiency.

How does ordering work?

As stock is used, the system automatically replenishes to the agreed maximum levels. This then creates an order which can be transmitted to your local Brown Brothers branch.

Do I receive any support?

A technical help line is available during normal working hours.

Does Allocator work with other systems?

To provide complete control, Allocator can export data into leading Bodyshop management systems including Bodyshop Direct, Pinetree Advance and Motex.

What type of reports can Allocator produce?

Allocator produces instant reports giving real time information such as:

  • Stock on Order
  • Stock Holding Valuation
  • Overstocks
  • Average Cost per Job
  • Stock by Nominal Code
  • Report by Job
  • Report by Technician
  • Cost/Hour by Technician

For more information on how Brown Brothers Dry Goods Cost Management System can help you please click here.

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Brown Brothers Distribution is pleased to announce the development of Essentials; the cost-effective dry goods range.

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